Acceptance – Understanding of stages of grief after a break up

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Acceptance Stage

Sooner or later, after all 4 previous stages you went through and you have come to the new chapter of your life. Acceptance is the answer that we finally get after a romantic relationship end.

 Acceptance perhaps is the most difficult stage to be achieved but it is vital process for you to move on to accept and ready for the new chapter of your relationship.

How do you know if you reached this stage? Nobody need to tell you, in fact, you know yourself very clearly.

For example:

  • You now know what you want for your relationship and life because you have gone thru.
  • You now treat all 4 stages you went thru as a opportunity to explore yourself and a opportunity to grow
  • You feel thankful of the stages you went thru with the people that support you.
  • You feel release from the ‘weight’ / burden that has been putting down
  • You feel that this is a challenge and test from God that let you see clearly who you are and if the relationship is compatible for you.
  • You find clam and peace
  • You starting to take care of people and things around you.
  • You start to like yourself.
  • You feel the whole life is waiting for you, to start your engine and move on.

However acceptance at this stage does not mean that the relationship was over! You accept that there were flaws in your relationship. This is the stage where you are ready mentally to make your decision to either move on or getting your ex back or move on.

I am not a guru but I believe relationship sometime can be repaired. The relationship sometimes need a temporary split to test if you and your partner is meant together. Thus, if you are in this stage and you feel that your relationship worth second chance. Why not?

There is a little advice to you. After you tried your best to recover the crack but its beyond repair then please kindly respect the one we love and move on. Thus, set yourself a target and timeline for the mission to win back your ex back to you.