Anger – Understanding the stages of grief after a breakup

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Anger Stage

After shock and denial has worn off, most people feel massive anger and hatred even rage to our ex. You might agree with me if the breakup was handled cruelly or ugly by your ex.

“How could you be so cruel..”

“What the hell? Who the God damn thing you are… ”

“What on earth that you are trying to say?”

“You fxxx wasting my damn 5 years with you..”

“Listen up carefully! I am the one who dumped you..”

“What do you mean? you are not loving me and we have been together for so long”

“How could you not love me! How we could be together all that time and you saying you not love me?”

“You make me like a damn FOOL.. You. XX XX ”

“You are no worth, you an idiot”

His or her image/ words might haunted you thousands of time, he/she is now like a monster to you.

What is in your mind during the break up? What Causes Anger?

  • You are blaming others that has to take total responsibly for your misery.
  • You feel extremely stressful and unrest.
  • You feel upset even a small things matter to you.
  • You feel that everything that make you upset is intentional.
  • You feel anger when you listen to a stranger that he/she being dumped by someone.
  • You feel jealousy when you see a couple kissing at public.

The top side-effect of anger, stress and hatred can make you feel both physically and mentally sick.

  • gastric
  • heart-burns
  • irregular heartbeats

This overwhelming feeling is perfectly normal especially the decision of ending the relationship was by your ex. Anger and hatred does not make any good . However, you must realize that if you want to get back your ex. You must handle it well. Do not let the anger take over your soul and crash you into pieces. But, you have to explore, accept and admit the feeling and gain control with anger. You do not want the anger and hatred lead to vengeance nor revenge, which could blow up in your face and involves further contact with him/her, which is not what our mission is.

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Anger - Understanding the stages of grief after a breakup, 6.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings